WPP announces that it has selected University Technology Malaysia “UTM”

WPP ENERGY GmbH, “WPP” announces that it has selected Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM” as a Research and Development partner to support WPP’s W2H2” unconventional water electrolysis green hydrogen generators.

WPP’s Introduction to our New Partner UTM.

The cooperation between WPP and UTM, represented by Faculty of Science — Laser Centre has been formalized. The cooperation focuses on advancing UTM Laser Centre research which spans approximately 15 years and involves more than 10 researchers.

New Executive Officers and Board Members Appointed

Las Vegas, Nevada, July 6, 2021

BioPower Operations Corporation (OTC Pink: BOPO) announced today that it has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement. Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, BioPower agreed to acquire, from the sellers, certain assets relating to the HyFi blockchain technology. The acquisition closed on June 29, 2021.

As a part of the acquisition, the sellers paid BioPower $300,000, which amount will be used to bring BioPower into a fully reporting status with the Securities and Exchange Commission and for public company operating expenses. In addition, the sellers transferred…

Expansion of WPP Token into the USA market

Dear WPP Token Community,

WPP Energy GmbH has been listening closely to its token community and after much consideration is pleased to announce the expansion of WPP token into the USA market through a new listing with Bitmart Exchange commencing on June 11th, 2021. The first pairing offered will be USDT.

Choosing Bitmart represents a very strategic decision for WPP due to Bitmarts high concentration of US based users, and secondly Bitmart has been climbing sharply in its market position and has become among the markets most respected exchanges.

WPP and Bitmart are two bright shooting stars headed seemingly in…

WPP-T Token: representing one metric tonne of H2

Dear WPP Community, we are pleased to announce some changes to WPP Token structure as it relates to the HyFi Platform, where 2 Tokens will be featured in the Token Economy, each will be a unit of measurement in Hydrogen Production

1. WPP Token is being elevated and it will now represent one per KG of H2 (approx 11Nm3)
2. WPP-T Token: Will represent one metric tonne of H2 (1000kg)

“Each HyFi user will have his own dashboard to produce Digital Hydrogen using WPP Token”

Hydrogen Production streamed into HyFi Platform


By moving WPP Token from 1Nm3 to 1KG this will…

How To Stake your LP’s on HyFi Platform!

Dear WPP Community, As HyFi continue to improve, we are sharing this tutorial on how to stake your LP’s.

The HyFi Exchange Platform will be adding more features soon such as the important tie-in to the Upcoming Green Energy Platform.

More information and announcements will follow.

1. Choose a Pair to Add Liquidity

WPP/ETH LP: https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/0x1955d744f9435522be508d1ba60e3c12d0690b6a/ETH




For this tutorial we will use WPP/USDT LP on Metamask as an example

2. Connect your wallet on Uniswap

A New Era in the Green Energy Token sector, Earn HyFi by Staking WPP LP’s on Uniswap!

Dear WPP Community, we are pleased to announce the launching of the Beta version of HyFi Platform with two main features of SWAP and POOL.

SWAP: Old WPP Tokens(WPP V1) can now be swapped to the New WPP Token(WPP V2) on HyFi Exchange with a 5% Bonus.

1 WPP V1 = 1.05 WPP V2

POOL: You can now add your WPP V2 with a pair of ETH/USD/HyFi into a Pool on Uniswap, and Stake your LP Pair on HyFi Exchange to earn HyFi…

WPP Energy is providing an initial 1 Million WPP Tokens on UNISWAP!

Dear WPP Energy Token Community, as previously mentioned, WPP has created a new and improved smart contract which seeks new growth opportunities as we move along our roadmap. Defi may be an area where there is potential and as such we are cautiously assessing the opportunity commencing with an initial 1 Million WPP Tokens to be placed on UNISWAP. (See instructions below).

WPP ENERGY would also like to announce that the WPP Token Swap will be completed by October 12th, 2020.

Between now and October 12th feel free…

Find More Info on the future of WPP Token!

Dear WPP Community, while Digifinex has been conducting extended maintenance over the last couple of months WPP has used this time very wisely to address the needs of the roadmap ahead.

We are therefore pleased to announce that WPP Energy has created a new and improved smart contract which is better suited to WPP’s roadmap (recently updated) and plans of transitioning into an asset backed token.

The swap is scheduled to be completed no later than October 2020

Here are some Questions and Answers on the recent Upgrade to WPP Token.

Q: Is the Token Swap currently in Process ?
A: Not yet, we are…

WPP’s W2H2™ and Vorax®️ Solutions are well suited for Marine applications

WPP Energy would like invite the public to stay tuned for exciting upcoming developments which include early stage planning for a new WPP Marine Division.

Cruise Ships and Merchant Ships are the worst transportation polluters in the world. Both harmful emissions and waste management are negative consequences of marine activity.

Some Facts:

A Large Cruise ship consumes about 80,000 gallons of Fossil Fuel per day (Solution: W2H2)

80,000 gallons x $3.00/price per galon of diesel fuel = $240,000 fuel cost per day.

A Large Cruise ship produces 6 tons of waste per day (Solution: Vorax®️)

WPP’s W2H2™ and Vorax®️ Solutions…


VORAX 5 Ton/day has been delivered to a client and scheduled for commissioning mid February 2020.

Vorax is presently being considered for dozens of major waste projects around the world and our 50+ country distributor network is doing a fantastic job in finding highly relevant use cases for the technology.




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