WPP Energy Has Signed 11 Agreements and Letters Related to Waste to Energy and other Elements in Vietnam!

WPP Management Team is Expected to be On The Ground — Q1 2024

3 min readOct 19, 2023

Dear WPP Energy Community

We are thrilled to share some uplifting news that underscores the significant strides we are making together towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient world.

Agreements and Collaborations

We are proud to announce that WPP has very recently inked 11 pivotal agreements and letters pertaining to waste-to-energy facilities and various significant elements in Vietnam. This milestone marks a big leap forward in our steadfast journey of infusing the renewable energy landscape with innovative and sustainable solutions

Reflecting on our previous announcement, the $33B MOU signed agreement remains a testament to our unwavering commitment and ambition. It’s a substantial step that propels us closer to our goals, promising a future where energy is not just clean, but is being generated from cleaning the earth of garbage, while also being accessible and affordable.

WPP Team On The Ground — Q1 2024

The WPP management team is set to be on the ground in Vietnam Q1 2024, a moment we are ardently preparing for, to ensure that our vision for Vietnam and the larger global community is actualized efficiently and effectively.

Our initial focus is on three waste to energy projects, they are as follows

1) Waste (MSW) to Energy (Electricity) 1000 TPD TOC TIEN, BA RIA — VUNG TAU.

2) Waste (MSW) to Energy (Electricity) 800 TPD VINHTAN, BIENHOA — DONG NAI.

3) Waste (MSW) to Energy (Electricity) 50 TPD CON DAO, BARIA — VUNG TAU. Land is being allocated and sites selected. We continue to move through the key documentation to ensure we can begin mobilizing prior to the end of Q1 2024

WPP Token Update

For our WPP Token holders, your unwavering faith and support have been an inspiration to us. We are pleased to inform you that the WPP Token is poised to benefit from the revenues of the Vietnam Project. The Vietnam deal is not just a testament to our growth but is also a promising chapter ensuring the continued utilization and enhancement of the WPP Token’s value.

Looking Ahead

Every step we take is a stride towards a world where renewable energy is the norm, not the exception. Our progress in Vietnam is not just a win for the WPP Energy community but for every individual and organization that believes in a greener, cleaner, and sustainable world.

We are fueled by the unwavering support of our community and Token holders. Together, we are not just witnessing but actively participating in an energy revolution that will light up the world in ways we are just beginning to imagine.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for being an integral part of this exciting journey.

Warm regards,
WPP Energy Team